Maritime Energy Conservation or Efficiency Pilot/Demonstration Project

Statement of Work Maritime Energy Conservation or Efficiency Pilot/Demonstration Project Action:
The Maritime Administration Office of Environment is issuing this request for proposals (RFP) for projects that demonstrate vessel energy conservation or efficiency measures.

Over the past several years, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) has partnered with other government agencies, industry, and academia to reduce vessel and port air emissions, including greenhouse gases, and on efforts to support the use of alternative fuels and energy sources.

Several MARAD efforts are underway to address emissions reductions, through development of planning and modeling tools, in-situ testing of alternative fuels, vessel repowers, and other emissions reduction technology.

In many cases, those efforts also support energy conservation and efficiency.

This year, MARAD will also focus directly on vessel energy conservation and efficiency measures, which will also help reduce air emissions.

MARAD is offering to provide cost share funding through cooperative agreements with U.S.-flagged vessels that operate on inland waterways, coastal waterways, oceans or the Great Lakes.

Eligible applicants include vessel owners, operators, or sponsors.

Applicants are invited to propose energy conservation or efficiency technology or processes, and must provide sufficient, verifiable, and detailed data to demonstrate the extent of the conservation or efficiency improvement achieved.

A description of the integration of the technology or technique for ship specific applications that should address flexibility and adoptability is required.

In addition, any specific training required for operating personnel in the use of the technology is also required.

MARAD will use the results and data from past and current demonstration projects to support further work related to vessel air emissions and energy conservation and/or efficiency.

The results and data from the demonstration projects will become the property of MARAD.

Examples of projects that may be considered under this RFP include, but are not limited to, solar or wind power for commercial vessel applications; the use of voyage planning technology to plot an energy-efficient course; hybrid vessel propulsion technology that makes use of power generation sources other than main engines; computerized smart power management, propulsion control, and hybrid power distribution; more efficient hull and appendage design; and the development of efficient shipboard energy storage technology.

MARAD will not fund more than 50% of the total cost of the project.

Up to three projects may be funded.

Based on proposals received, MARAD may decide to not fund any projects.

Successful proposals must include a detailed description of the project which provides:
• A brief description of the energy conservation or efficiency measures to be employed • Operational specifics and location (including ports serviced, waterway used, frequency of operation, cargo carried) • Projected fuel/power conservation or efficiency improvement expected in terms of energy saved; baseline data should be provided, if applicable • The applicability and adaptability of the technique or technology to multiple ship types or operations • The identity of project partners and their role, if applicable • Detailed cost budget for the entire project • Ability to provide a vessel to test or demonstrate technology under consideration Bid Evaluator:________________________________ Date:__________________ Proposer:_______________________________________________________________ Project:
________________________________________________________________ Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Projects that complement existing MARAD programs/initiatives 2. Use of new or improved energy conservation or efficiency technologies or techniques 3. Ability to cost share 4. Ability to complete the project within a three-year timeline 5. The extent to which the technique or technology is adaptable or applicable to multiple vessels or vessel types/classes 6. To the extent that the proposal involves computer based techniques (such as route planning):
o the flexibility and adaptability of the computer program; o the ability of the computer program to be used on different operating systems; o the training required for operating personnel; o and the extent to which the program can be integrated with a data base allowing adjustments for ship specific characteristics Proposals are limited to 6 pages maximum (including any appendices/attachments).

Any proposal that exceeds this limit will not be considered.

Any proposal that does not clearly address the evaluation criteria will not be considered.

The selection of proposals and the awarding of funds shall be at the sole discretion of MARAD.

Equally Weighted Evaluation, with technical weighing more than price.

Quote packages are due electronically to by 2:00pm, Eastern Standard Time, Friday, July 25, 201 4. Vendors are cautioned that they must have an active System for Award Management (SAM) profile in order to be considered for award The anticipated performance start date is around September 1, 2014 This announcement constitutes the only solicitation, proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued The solicitation number is DTMA91Q140021 This RFP is for the procurement of one vendor with a match price period of performance of 36 months from the date of award Quote Submission Instructions:
Interested parties shall submit a quote for services described in the SOW for the period of 36 months from the time of award.

The response package shall also include the following:
1. For a company quote submission.

At least two references (for the company) for the same or similar type and complexity of the services required in the RFP for work performed during the previous two calendar years.

The references should include the current and accurate Point of Contract information along with a description of the services provided.

1. For quote submissions by individual.

At least three references (for the company) for the same or similar type and complexity of the services required in the RFP for work performed during the previous two calendar years.

The references should include the current and accurate Point of Contract information along with a description of the services provided.

Packages must be more than 6 pages or the government reserves the right to reject the package.

Agency: Department of Transportation

Office: Maritime Administration

Estimated Funding: $500,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Not Available

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible candidate include vessel owners, operators or public sponsors

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Judy BowersContracting OfficerPhone 202-366-1913

Agency Email Description:
Maritime Administration

Agency Email:

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Application Due Date:

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